Lighted Box

Metal Box Signs.

These signs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and installations: hanging, freestanding, recessed - just to name a . These metal light boxes come in a variety of standard colors. Custom color matching available.




Lighted Box
Lighted Box

Light Box Displays

also referred to as backlit displays or lightboxes, create an unmatched visual impact through backlighting white or colored translucent graphics. Backlit light box displays produce bright, vivid colors that are sure to grab the attention of anyone going by, making them a great way to highlight your products and services.


Our backlit displays and light box displays (lightboxes)

are output on Duratrans (a backlit transparent material) and Duraflex (a front-lit material on a 7 mm polyester base, commonly used for transportable display pieces because of its durability). We crop as specified, dodge, burn and color correct, in sizes up to 48" x 96", so you can present your organization's products or services with the attention they deserve.

Backlit light box displays can be used in many different ways and come in numerous styles, shapes, and sizes.


Typical Applications of Light Box Displays / Backlit Displays

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Restaurant Backlit Menu Boards

Movie Theater Light Boxes

Poster Light Box Displays

Advertising Light Boxes

Airport Light Box Displays

Arena and Stadium Displays

Bank Displays

Indoor Light Box Signs

Outdoor / Exterior Lightboxes

Shopping Center Light Box Displays

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

Convenience Store Light Box Displays